Winter Pine & Cinnamon Scented Fire Starters

Winter Pine & Cinnamon Scented Fire Starters

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Cozy up by the fire & unwind to the wonderful scents created by these elegant and easy to use fire starters. 

3" fire starters (packaged in 2 packs)
100% soy wax
wick on both sides for easier lighting
phthalate free fragrances
100% all natural cinnamon

Light the wick on your fire starter. You can light and then place into your fireplace, fire pit, etc. or you can place it below the wood with access to the wick and light it already placed. Lighting is easy and then just enjoy the AMAZING scents as you watch the fire kindle.

- Fresh Winter Pine & Cinnamon

Fire starters should ONLY be used in wood burning fireplaces, wood burning stoves, outdoor fire pits, etc. (NOT for use in gas fireplaces or gas stoves). Do not burn as a candle as they have organic elements (pine, cones, cinnamon, etc) and may spark.